My Parents = Nice. They are no longer the enemies of my teenage years

12 02 2008

My dad is the type of person that is known for his kindness. When I meet someone who knows him, they will always comment on how nice he is. That is not to say that he is a pushover by any means.

When my husband and I moved, my dad used a week of his vacation to help us work at our old house to get it ready to sell. He refused to accept any money from us and when I tried to give him a gift card he acted offended and told me “I’m your dad. You don’t pay your dad, kiddo.”

My mom recently bought me a ticket to the River Dance. I have to pay for parking. I am really looking forward to going.

Tonight my husband and I went to Texas Roadhouse with my parents. They paid for our meals. How nice is that??!! It was totally unexpected and we were very grateful.

Not only are they generous, they are great company as well! I was a pretty awful teenager, I am suprised they want to spend time with me!




One response

13 02 2008

This is good news to me… for one, when my kids are adults they may like me again, and two, when they are adults I may like them again!

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