Geo-tard (Or the PC way: Geographically Challenged)

10 02 2008

For Christmas my husband bought me a 7-foot by 4-foot map of the world. We thought about framing it ($300) or laminating it ($125) and were deterred by the prices of doing so. Yesterday we got around to putting it up with glue dots, a new twist on the sticky-tac of my teenage years. I wish I invented these clear dots that will easily remove from your wall later on.

I love my map. We love to travel and having the map readily available on the office wall makes it easy to determine which trips could be combined.

Perusing my map, I have learned many things. When J. Maarten Troost talks about his travels to Kiribati in The Sex Lives of Cannibals, he wasn’t kidding about how far away it is from civilization.

Mostly the map serves as an eye-opening reminder that I know nothing about geography. China? It’s not next to Russia. Chile is the pre-pregnancy Nicole Richie of countries. Although India is one-third the size of the U.S., its population is four times larger.

I am a geo-tard. Why didn’t I pay attention in junior high school geography? I am going to purchase a geography textbook from the textbook section of Pretty soon, I will be able to win a verbal geography duel with any of my readers. Bring it.




2 responses

12 02 2008
Secret Server

Big E won his school Geography bee last year. I think he will want to duel you. Maybe we can make a geography catch phrase game.

13 02 2008

This game made me so ashamed of how little I know of geography. Africa? South America? They might as well be other planets because I sure as heck have no idea what’s going on in either of them. I lose!

I’m thinking that buying a map might be a good investment, though, in case I ever get stopped in the street and need to pinpoint Bolivia or something.

P.S. This would be the massively delayed response to me finding your comment on my Blog365 entry from January. Sorry ’bout that! Are you enjoying the challenge thus far?

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