One is Silver and the Other is Gold

9 02 2008

Up until a few years ago, I was the kind of person that had only a few friends, but the friendships I did have were good ones.

I am only in touch with a few of my friends from school days. Some I have grown apart from, others I have chosen to sever the relationship with, like “Kelly”. Kelly and I were best friends through junior high and most of high school. Then she developed a fetish for men of the gangbanger/thug variety.

She married a man that had been recently released from prison, but has not been rehabilitated. She has photos of him with marijuana and many different guns on her myspace page, right along with the photos of their children (that’s what irritates me, she is a smart woman and she raises her children in that environment) .

A few years ago she got my phone number from information and gave me a call. She told me she had gotten married. I asked her what her husband did for a living and there was a dead silence on the phone. She said something about how he hadn’t been able to find a job since he was released from prison a few years ago. When she requested me to be her friend on myspace, I was able to fill in the rest of the story.

But, I digress. This post was supposed to be about all of the great new people I have met over the past few years. I have found that making friends is all about going out and doing things you are interested in, for me running, crocheting, reading and blogging.

I have made several friends through Team Steam and Building Steam. There is such companionship in trying to complete the task the coaches have given you. Spending time together running has enhanced several of my friendships.

I took some crocheting classes through ICC last year and have kept in touch someone I met there. We get together once a month to crochet. I went to a stitch n bitch at Eyebrow’s house last month and am hosting one at my house next weekend. I am really looking forward to it.

The book club has been a great joy to me. I really enjoy reading and like getting together with intelligent women to discuss the book. I have met people that I wouldn’t otherwise have met.

I am glad that I opened myself up to creating new friendships. It is fun to meet new people.




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