TomTom Gets You Here

8 02 2008

I use a site meter on this blog. Often, I check to see what keywords have gotten people to my site. When I’m dumbfounded I check google to see how in the world some of my visitors found me with their insane keywords.

Some examples:

  • Several people a week find my blog with the keyword “foot binding” or “feet binding”. It takes them to this post about Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, which was the book my book club read in January.
  • “Painting cats toenails” gets you to this post about my husband promising to paint my toenails if I stopped eating candy for 21 days. There is nary a mention of cats.
  • Since I posted this about running in the nude, I get a lot more visitors. They find me by keying in things such as “naked races”, “racing naked”, “naked 5k Florida”, “nude swim”, “nude swim xm radio”, “naked nude”, “naked dare”, and many more.
  • “Two Corey’s Hotline” gets you here. I guess I’m not the only one who called it!
  • “Peoria gay bars” gets you to one of my first posts, recalling the time my friends and I were looking for a dance floor to practice the fox trot on.
  • “Henry VIII leg ulcer” gets you to this review of Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir, where I wondered how in the world he had seven wives!
  • “Removing a prom dress” and “taking off a prom dress get you here; a post about getting ready to leave for a weekend trip to Florida.
  • “My husband used the belt on me” gets you to this post about a failed attempt to start a diet.



One response

11 02 2008

It’s rather disturbing to see what people search for. I get searchers for “wife sex addict” and “JPod Jesus”.

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