Personal Reference Letter

7 02 2008

Today my dad asked me to write a personal reference letter for him. He needs two personal references to get security clearance for a certain aspect of his job.

I agreed to write the reference and in doing so, I made it seem that we were not related. I wrote that I had known him for 30 years and that during that time I have found him to be honest and trustworthy. Additionally, I put that my husband and I have worked with him on several projects and that he was very reliable.

This amused me on many different levels. KPOW, my husband and I were making up crazy things that I could write – like that I thought he may have been present at my conception, certainly I look a lot like him. That I had never known him to commit any felonies, but there may have been a misdemeanor or two.

My dad looks at this as a very serious matter. He is worried that the person receiving the letter may call me to ask more questions. I assured him that I would say we met at St. Francis hospital 30 years ago.




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8 02 2008

Did he ask your brother for the other letter of reference? If so, B. could say “He has a high tolerance for aggravation.”

8 02 2008

You could also mention that you’ve completed many training programs with him and found him to be a team player (toilet training, training wheels, driving).

8 02 2008
i do not know me

Are the letters of reference specifically NOT to come from family members? If so and it comes to light that you are family, then your reference letter will have done more harm than good. If this is a job about which he is serious, be careful.

9 02 2008

What a riot!

10 02 2008

BTW, Trailerhood offered to pick me up next Sunday. I can’t wait to meet ya’ll! Shall I bring food? Drink?

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