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6 02 2008

Today on Broadminded, I heard a discussion regarding sleep between the hosts and a PhD. The doctor stated that people that often sleep less than 5 or more than 10 hours at a time are at risk for double mortality.

I often fall into both of these categories. In the winter, I tend to spend a tremendous amount of time sleeping. I don’t want to do things after work, just veg out and the sleep. In the summer, the exact opposite is true. I will do things after work every day and sleep very little. Normal sleep categories are 6, 7 and 8 hours. I think throughout the year, my nightly sleep may average out to be in that range.

Perhaps the variation is due to the lack of sun. Maybe I have a mild version of seasonal affective disorder. I am just tired, not depressed. This is a yearly cycle, so I doubt I have any type of illness that is causing me to be so tired.

On recent days off I have been sleeping close to 12 hours each night. On days when I have to work, I sleep 7-9 hours. Tomorrow morning I don’t have to get up until 6:00 a.m. It is 8:13 p.m. and I am considering retiring for the evening.

I also learned that people tend to sleep better when the room is very cool (about 65 degrees). This does not mean that their bodies are cold; most cover up with many blankets to warm themselves. Our bedroom is right above the garage. It gets REALLY cold in there, so we use a space heater. Perhaps I should add some blankets and turn the space heater off in order to create an optimal sleep environment.

What are your sleep habits? I am very interested to find out if others have seasonal differences in the amount of time spent sleeping.




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7 02 2008
East Bluff Barbie

I agree with the sleeping in a cold room. Once when I was in college our heat broke and we only had a small space heater for an extremely cold night. I had the best nights sleep I have ever had. I woke up feeling fabulous, even though I was a bit cold.

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