Mrs. Moneypenny Battles the Proverbial Burning Hole

5 02 2008

In order to conserve funds for federal taxes, property taxes, car insurance, car repairs and other certain to occur unexpected expenses, we are making a concerted effort to cease unnecessary spending in our household.

One of the tactics we are currently employing is to stop eating out. Last night we had breakfast for dinner (sausage and eggs) and tonight we made roast beef au jus sandwiches.

We were at the Big W this weekend, we purchased a ham and a three pound turkey breast. I want to cook the turkey breast in the crock pot, but can’t find a good recipe. Any ideas?

Some other things we have been doing:
*I go to the library to check out books instead of buying them. Borders certainly misses my patronage.
*Changed my newspaper subscription to Sunday only. Four consecutive days of unread newspapers helped to push me to make the change. I am only saving $10 a month, but I will stop filling the landfills with unread newspapers.
*Clipping coupons saved me a few dollars on Sunday – and paid for that newspaper subscription.

I will be watching my spending to see where costs can be cut. I really want there to be a small vacation in May and we might be able to swing an inexpensive long weekend in the Smokey Mountains.




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5 02 2008
East Bluff Barbie

You might just want to put about 1/2 cup of water in your crockpot and the turkey breast. I bought a pork picnic (?) roast (it was only .97 lb) and put it in the crockpot with a 1/2 cup of water and it was awesome. We had it with mashed potatoes the first night and the next night we had it on buns with bbq sauce. I was extremely tender and reheated well.

6 02 2008
i do not know me

How about doing your patriotic duty and going into debt in order to keep the economy running?? Just kidding, but often it seems like everyone else is getting away with doing things that way, so why shouldn’t we?

Seriously though, I started graphing our total account balances at the end of every month and posting it on the fridge. That in combination with an expenses diary (we are supposed to write down every expenditure) has stabilized things for the last few months. The psychological aspect of having to write down what you’ve spent where your spouse can see it definitely makes a difference.

6 02 2008

This must be on everyones mind. We’re trying to cut back in preparation for me quitting my job to stay at home with the kids. I will watch how much I spend at Target, will pass by a new pair of shoes because I think the price tag is too steep; but we don’t skimp on eating out. We were really bad about it for a while, but we’ve seemed to curb that spending in the last 2 months.

6 02 2008
Most Prepossessing

Writing down all money spent is a good idea. I am the one who does most of the spending. My husband lived like a miser before he met me. He only spends money on necessities, though he will splurge on vacation.

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