This Fat Lady Sings…

4 02 2008

I’m not saying that this expansionary period is officially over, but several things have occurred as of late that have me thinking even more about my weight.

Recently when picking up around the house, my husband put his belt in my closet. When I attempted to return it to the rightful owner, he insisted it was mine because it was too big for him.

First of all, during expansionary periods, I don’t wear belts. I don’t need anything to hold my pants up – I have fat. The only belts I own are made for size 4 and size 6pants, which haven’t fit me in quite some time.

Secondly, he purchased this belt for my grandmother’s funeral. The clearance price negated the fact that it was a size larger than he normally wears.

My husband is a smart man. He knew that the conversation was not headed in a positive direction, so he took the belt and agreed with me. Today, when I was hanging up laundry, I noticed the belt was in a box in his closet, with a yoga mat, hand weights and other rarely used fitness items. I’m pretty sure he just took the belt to avoid conflict.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no delusions that I am skinny at this point. Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug may be looming in my near future.

Another eye opening event occurred last week. I borrowed some rain pants from one of my employees. I have borrowed them in the past and they have been loose. This time I could only button up one of the sides, and even then they were REALLY tight over by large rear end. I pulled my coat down over them hoping that nobody would notice. I kept imagining I was going to have to return them with the ass ripped out – even with only buttoning one side.

All of this, plus the fact that only my fattest “fat” clothes fit me.

Still, I have been munching all day for no reason.

I now have a goal. I will be running in the CIDA Eat Em Up 5K Challenge, in the Athena Division. Why is it that all women over 145 pounds are considered fat?! I would like to run it in less than 30 minutes. The entry money goes to support diabetes, which I may develop if I don’t cease and desist with the yo-yoing. Who would like to join me? I will start training tomorrow.




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4 02 2008

Girl, me ‘n Ms. Bryant have been having a heated debate of late. I refuse to let her win! Only in the last 36 months have I been in the double digits size-wise…and I keep pushing upwards! Notes from the Trailerhood is trying to get me to play softball, but I don’t think I can do it at this weight. So, I’m with you chicka…let’s just keep moving!

5 02 2008
Secret Server

Of course I want to join you. When is this race? None of my jeans fit, not even my fat ones. A couple days ago, I wore a pair of my husband’s dirty jeans off the bathroom floor because they were the only jeans in the house that were not too tight. That was pretty bad, choosing comfort over cleanliness.

5 02 2008

I gave in and bought new pants, double digits and not low ones!
Double ugh.

6 02 2008
Most Prepossessing

SS, the race is on 3/29/08 at 8:00 a.m. See race calender at IVS for further information about this and other 2008 races. We definitely have to do Galesburg again.

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