#14 Immediate Family by Eileen Goudge

4 02 2008

Chick Lit – pure and simple. How else does one finish 337 pages in a single afternoon? Browsing other book blogs, I am slightly embarrassed to post this review. Others are reading the classics and books that would be considered literature, and here I am spending my brain cells on chick lit. It could be worse; it could be published by Harlequin.

I picked up Immediate Family by Eileen Goudge at my small town library last week. This is a fast read about the lives of four college friends, ten years after graduation.

Girl gets guy. Girl gets guy. Guy gets girl. Girl gets guy. Everything worked out too perfectly in this book, as it should in books of this genre. It was readable, but I am certain I will not remember it a month from now. A great beach read. Now on to something more challenging…




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