Strange Wilderness

2 02 2008

The tax bill will be due sooner than we think, so my husband and I have been trying to conserve funds. Perhaps we will be able to take an inexpensive vacation at the end of April, after all.

KPOW recently clued us into the thrifty fact that a matinee at Willow Knolls Theater is only $4 each. Additionally if you subscribe to their weekly email, you can print out coupons that allow you to purchase a 20 oz. drink and small popcorn for $1.85. Plus, they have a frequent moviegoers card. Since the agreement that did not allow Willow Knolls and The Rave to show the same films at the same time has expired, Willow Knolls now has our loyal and frugal business.

There were few movies that both my husband and I would want to see. Cloverfield is not for me and 27 Dresses is not for me. After reviewing the choices of movies playing, we decided to go see Strange Wilderness. I have liked Steve Zahn since Riding in Cars With Boys, one of the few movies I have seen more than once. Reviews compare Strange Wilderness to movies such as Knocked Up, Super Bad and Dumb and Dumber. Although not fodder for expanding the mind, these movies are quite entertaining. When I go in expecting movies like this to be bad, I usually find myself pleasantly suprised.

There were no pleasant suprises with Strange Wilderness. Perhaps it would be enjoyable if the viewer was at the height of a binge of bong-smoking. Several times I found myself laughing because the plot was jaw-dropingly bad. My husband and I both wondered if there was a script, because so much seemed like bad improvisation.

This was the absolute worst movie I have ever seen. If you are not stoned – do not spend your money to see it at the theater, don’t put it on your NetFlix list, don’t watch it if it is aired on television. How can I get that 87 minutes of my life back?




2 responses

3 02 2008

Thanks for the warning! It didn’t look very good, but since Steve Zahn was in with the rest of that crew I thought it could be a surprise. Now we’ll avoid it altogether!

3 02 2008

I’ve not heard of it, but Riding in Cars with Boys was one of my favourite movies for a really long time – and you’ve just reminded me of it! 😀

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