Racing Naked

31 01 2008

I used to be a runner (and perhaps I will be one again). Therefore, I have a subscription to Runner’s World. Months have passed since I cracked one open. That all changed today when I opened my mailbox to see the teaser “Racing Naked” on the March 2008 issue. Page 56? I’m there. So many questions, so few answers.

The chafing, the lack of support around certain boy and girl parts. This does not seem like a pleasant experience for the participants.

Is it legal? I know there are nudist colonies, nude beaches etc… Perhaps the races take place at these locales.

A little googling shows that nude running is more common that I ever imagined. There’s the Dare To Be Bare 5K in Lutz, Florida, the Annual Sneaker Streaker in Land O Lake, Florida, the Fig Leaf 5K in Dawsonville, GA. Such clever names.

For those who want an even more daring challenge, there’s the Bare Hare Sprint Triathalon. Participants swim 500 meters, bike 8.5 miles and run 3.1 miles.

Swimming nude, sure. Running nude, maybe. But, biking in the buff? I can’t imagine the effect 8.5 miles of nude bicycling would have on the groin. My bike is made for triathalon use. It is very streamlined. The seat is hard and narrow. It is not a padded banana seat.

To each their own.




7 responses

31 01 2008
Secret Server

I can’t wait to see the comments you will get regarding your hard streamlined bicycle seat. I do hope we can start running soon, though, and have always appreciated your company and support.

31 01 2008

I can’t imagine…OUCH!

1 02 2008

The mental imagery is disturbing, yet very funny!

1 02 2008
My Flock Rocks!

I agree with Katie! 🙂

1 02 2008
Morton Malaise

Women with black eyes. That’s all I have to say about that.

2 02 2008

If this doesn’t get you some traffic via odd google searches, I don’t know what will.

After having two kids, I kinda appreciate the support clothing provides. Jiggle, not wiggle.

4 02 2008

No way! That would kill!

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