The HATED Taxman…

30 01 2008

At the end of each year of my working life, I have received a tax refund. Today I received my W-2, so I set about inputting our information into turbotax and then into, since I was sure there had to be a problem with turbotax. It doesn’t seem possible that we could owe almost $2,000!

WTF??!! We claim married – 2. We are two married people. That seems right, huh? We moved and pay 3x as much tax and interest on our home as we did before. We both put 15% into our 401K.

I am hiring a tax professional. Hopefully he will be able to help us find some more deductions or will be able to find that typo that I made.

Just today, I was telling my husband that our finances might allow us to take that much needed vacation at the end of April. I guess not! This year we will be summering at Camp IRS (better known as The Annex or our house).

It is not financially responsible to get a large tax refund. I certainly don’t want to give the government a tax-free loan. I wouldn’t mind paying a few hundred dollars, but the thought of paying $2,000 (including a penalty for not paying enough) makes me sick to my stomach.

I guess I will become one of those people that don’t mail their taxes in until April 15th!




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30 01 2008
i do not know me

Now try calculating your taxes as if you were both single if you want to be really sickened…

My marriage cost me over $8,000 in its first four years.

Taxes are a reason to never, ever vote for a Democrat.

31 01 2008

Which is honestly one of the reasons why we remain shacked up instead of married.

31 01 2008

Gosh, that sucks.

But I don’t agree with IDNKM, it’s not really accurate to say that Republicans spend less, most current Republicans are socially conservative, rather than fiscally. For example, look at the spending during both the Bush years and the Reagan years. Unfortunately, between the Dems and the GOP, it doesn’t seem to be a difference in “how much” but, rather, what the tax money will be spent on.

2 02 2008
i do not know me

I didn’t say they spend less. And you are absolutely correct that they have spent far more than they should on all kinds of things I disagree with, but at least tax rates were reduced during both the Reagan and Bush 43 administrations. If I have to choose between lower tax rates and high spending on the military and unconstitutional crap (pretty much everything except the military) with Republicans and a Democrat plan of higher tax rates, low military spending and profligate spending on unconstitutional programs, it is not a difficult choice. By no means an ideal choice, but still easy.

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