Verbal Turbulence

28 01 2008

I am stealing the title phrase from a man I know… Its a neat way to describe back talk, etc.

The worst thing I did (so far) today was declare that the well was dry. Professional acquaintances often ask me to help them out. Today I needed something to do my job properly. Two people that constantly ask me to help them didn’t come through although they could have easily done so. I did thank the person who did help me profusely and pledged to bend over backwards to help her the future (a daunting feat with my current expansionary period and the ever present lack of flexibility).

The good things I did today include controlling my eating for at least 16 hours. I also made a great professional accomplishment that might help me with future career development. The joy I get from this is a flashback to the days when I felt like I was making a difference. Maybe I still am…

I will be at the blogger bash tomorrow and look forward to seeing everyone there…




4 responses

28 01 2008

I think it sounds like you did no harm. You didn’t give more than you took. The fact that you given more than you’ve taken means good things. Then again, wtf do I know? Did you go to sleep and wake up feeling good?

29 01 2008
Peoria Pundit

See you at blogger bash!!!!

Woo Hoo!

Corporate wings!!!!

29 01 2008
East Bluff Barbie

Sorry I won’t get to see you again. Brad and I can’t make it this time. Hopefully the next one we’ll make it!

29 01 2008
Most Prepossessing

Corporate Wings are GOOD!

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