#11 – One Mississippi by Mark Childress

28 01 2008

One Mississippi by Mark Childress has been on my “to-be-read” list for quite some time. The list is compiled from book reviews and friend recommendations. When I found this at the library, I wasn’t sure I would like it – after all it is about teenage boys.
After the first chapter, I was completely engrossed. The prose is very well written and the author is able to deal with heavy issues such as school shootings, homosexuality and interracial dating without being too over the top.
This is a great read. Check it out.



2 responses

28 01 2008

Jesus H. You read more than I do. I thought only my husband did that! Do you buy books or check them out from the library? I spy on people who have read other books that I liked and then pick books they liked that I haven’t read to read on my own. Seems, though, when I try to borrow them from the library I have to put them on reserve.

Therefore (there is a reason for the rambling) I’m never sure a book club is for me!

30 01 2008

You have been doing a ton of reading. Thanks for the list of books you sent me…

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