Live Your Best Life

27 01 2008

The slogan on Oprah XM is “live your best life.” This morning I woke up before the alarm went off and spent a few of the moments between sleep and wake thinking about what I could do to make sure I am living my best life.

*treat my body better, by watching what I put into it and getting more exercise. This is always on my list. How sad.
*spend more quality time with my family, friends, husband and pets.
*try to develop my career by moving into another job, thus reducing work related stress.
*mentally review each day to determine what I can do to live my best life.

I also have been thinking about the Ursula Hegi book I recently reviewed – The Worst Thing I’ve Done. I mentioned in the review that the couple always asks each other what the worst thing they’ve done each day is. It would be an interesting practice to review each day what the best and worst things that I did were.

Today I did nothing that would benefit society. We spent time with friends, went to the gym (I even lifted weights which is something that I HATE), did some cleaning and then met my husband’s parents at Logan’s Roadhouse.

The worst things I did were to overeat (which made me feel guilty) and gossiped about someone with whom I need to change the dynamic of our relationship. I try not to talk poorly about other people, but this person has really gotten under my skin. I need to do something about it so that I will no longer feel the need to express my discontent to others that are not involved with it.




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