This Is My Life…

24 01 2008

It’s not what I signed up for, but I am enjoying it all the same.

Last night I participated in a Stitch-n-bitch with Laura and Katie. I really enjoyed it. I am thinking of hosting a stitch-n-bitch at my house sometime in April. If anyone in the blog-o-sphere is interested, let me know and I will be sure to invite you.

The blanket I’m crocheting is almost done. I just have to finish it off, which is daunting task. At this point, I follow along with the pattern I’ve created. I will have to carefully count the stitches on the finishing, and I’m afraid to ruin what is turning out to be quite beautiful. Then there’s the question of what to start next. Can I even make a chain?

I have made two trips to the library this week. I took a list of books that I am interested in reading and checked out 13 things. I am sure that I won’t read them all in the next three weeks, but it is definitely a money saving venture.




One response

28 01 2008

Hi. I’m braindead in the book picking out department, can you email me a list to check out?

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