#8 Breaking Her Fall by Stephen Goodwin

22 01 2008

Breaking Her Fall by Stephen Goodwin.

This book really made me think about what I would do in certain situations. Tucker receives a call from a concerned parent that his fourteen year old daughter is at a party, drunk and that she has “performed oral sex on a parade of boys.”

He frantically rushes off to bring Kat home, only to find that she is not there. A scuffle ensues between Tucker and the boy who hosted the party, that ends with life-changing consequences.

How does a parent deal with the fallout from a child making such a mistake? How does the parent show the child that they are forgiven? Has our society changed so much in the past fifteen years, that oral sex is commonplace in junior high and high schools?

The prose is very well written. I read this quickly, but by no means was it a chick-lit type fast read. I became very interested in knowing what was going to happen with the characters and couldn’t wait to find out.




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