Baby, its cold out there (ode to soup)

19 01 2008

I have regained my supernatural power of taste (good-bye weight loss due to everything tasting similar to low-sodium saltines) and a trip to Panera for the savory and delicious baked potato soup was in order this afternoon. Housed in a sourdough bread bowl, it really hit the spot.

There is something to be said about having a bowl of hot soup when the temperature is 4 (-13 windchill) degrees. It warms you up inside, until you venture back to your car and wonder whatever it was that made you leave the house in the first place (oh yes, Panera called).

Now that I have revealed my slightly unnatural love of Panera Bread, that causes me to eat there several times per week, a story opens itself up for the telling.

I have been a customer of Panera since they opened in this area. An certain employee of the company has really impressed me with his customer service skills. I have seen him work at all three of the local chain locations. He has probably waited on me fifty times. He is always very friendly and nice; sometimes greeting people with “sire” and “milady” and occassionaly does a little bow. Some people are made for customer service, and he is one.

One day, I told him that I really thought he was a “customer service god” and that he did a great job.

Ever since then, I have noticed he avoids waiting on me. He goes to the back or occupies himself with something else. Apparently he thinks that I am his stalker, not a lover of baked potato soup, strawberry poppy seed and chicken salad and bacon turkey bravos; and a person who is saddened by the lack of good customer service available nowadays.

My husband and KPOW think this is hilarious and make fun of me everytime we go to Panera and I am slighted.




One response

21 01 2008

He of the lustrous locks… I think he avoids me now, too, fearful that I’m stalking him on your behalf…

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