Use Care When Operating A Car Or Dangerous Machinery…

18 01 2008
I awoke to find that my husband took the “nice” car to work today, leaving me with the less “nice” car, which was conveniently very low on gas (about 1/8 tank).
I had to attend some training for work this morning at a location close to my home. I decided that gas could wait until later; perhaps the weather would turn and we would see a balmy 30 degrees by the time the training was over.
Upon my arrival, I managed to lock my keys in my running car. There was no remedy at hand, so I proceeded to attend the training session and would worry about getting home later.
Two hours later, I emerged to find my car still locked and still running. My friend, K, drove me to my husband’s work to get the extra key to the car.
I was worried that I had or would soon run out of gas, so we stopped at a gas station to get a gas can and some fuel. I went into the gas station and asked if they sold gas cans. Mel said that they didn’t, but that he would be glad to give me one. He produced an empty windshield wiper fluid bottle (not completely dry inside) and a paper cone. I graciously accepted them and left, dumbfounded.
How would I get the gas into my car using the paper cone? There is a metal latch that has to be held down when fueling the vehicle.
Needless to say, I did not purchase gas there. Despite Mel’s assurances, an empty windshield wiper fluid bottle did not seem to be a container that one would use to legally transport gasoline.
We didn’t pass any more gas stations along the way, so K took me back to my car to check the status. Three hours had passed and it was still running – and for some reason unbeknowst to me had not overheated.
The low fuel light came on as soon as I put the car into drive. Luckily I was able to drive it to a nearby gas station, where I purchased 12.97 gallons of fuel for my 13 gallon tank.



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18 01 2008
Ms. PH

I am always pushing the limits on my low fuel light. I really think there is more gas in the tank than they would like you to believe.

I did run out of gas once and it wasn’t pretty. I was going 70 down I-35 in the middle of frozen Minnesota in January. The car sputtered and died and pulled over the side. Fortunately, a nice person stopped to take me to the nearest gas station. Not one of my brighter moments.

18 01 2008
Most Prepossessing

I ran out of gas once. My low fuel light never came on – in a brand new car. I told them at the dealership there was a problem prior to this event occurring, but they didn’t listen. It was a $700 computer chip problem that they had to foot the bill on (no wonder they didn’t want to fix it!)

19 01 2008

Um. Yeah.

I’m SO low on gas, I’ll be lucky if I can make it the 1.2 miles to the station to fill it up.


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