#6 – Crazy Aunt Purl’s Drunk, Divorced & Covered In Cat Hair

18 01 2008

I just accomplished a feat that had been long abandoned to adolescence – finishing an entire book in less than three hours.
Crazy Aunt Purl’s Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair – The True-Life Misadventures of a 30-Something Who Learned To Knit After He Split by Laurie Perry aka Crazy Aunt Purl is the selection for our February book club meeting.
Interestingly, Perry got her book deal based on her blog. Loyal readers (all 25 of you), are you interested in learning more about [insert my name here]? All you need to do is offer me a softcover deal and a few royalties. Okay, okay, I’ll keep posting on here for free, at least for the rest of 2008.
I was a bit apprehensive about this book when I first sought it out in Borders and found it housed in the knitting section. Perhaps, it should be cataloged in the satirical section with the great David Sedaris, Augusten Burroughs and Laurie Notaro, as Perry’s writings are reminiscent of those authors.
Also, you see, I crochet. Yarn crafts with needles instead of a hook are much too sophisticated for me. I wonder if there is a stitch and bitch club (as described in the book) in the Peoria area. I enjoy getting together monthly with my crocheting friend each month, but it would be interesting to expand it. I really enjoy meeting new people and it would be interesting to get together with a group of women each month to work on our own needle crafts and gossip. Rereading that sentence makes me feel both like an ubergeek and an octogenarian. But it embraces the strangeness that is [insert my name here] so I will resist pressing the backspace key.
I really enjoyed reading this book, especially the parts about her four cats. My husband and I have four cats. In the back, there is even a knitting pattern for a cat tunnel. Perhaps I should take up knitting after all.
I can’t wait to discuss this book at the book club meeting. I would like to hear some more of L’s impressions as she too is going through a divorce at this time and is relating to the author on that level.



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19 01 2008

I followed Aunt Purl’s blog for quite a while! She’s pretty funny. I dunno about a whole book from here, though! Did you know that she was here for the Women’s Expo last fall? I’m a knitter…I’d love to find a cool Stitch n’ Bitch. Especially one with some Bitchin’ Stitchers!

20 01 2008
Most Prepossessing

Perhaps I will start a stitch n’ bitch monthly get-together. The book club has been quite successful in my opinion. I could post on peoria.com and have a public place and see what happens.

21 01 2008

Check out this link: http://www.peoriamagazines.com/as/2007/nov-dec/knitting-revival

We just did an article on this in December… I hope you enjoy it!

23 01 2008
Ms. PH

Oh – I really want to have a Stitch and Bitch!! I always have.

Well, that also explains why I couldn’t find it in Borders. Knitting section?? Who knew?

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