Sunny Florida Part 1

12 01 2008

We flew to Sanford/Orlando direct from Peoria on Allegiant Air. It was an inexpensive flight and there were no problems on either leg of the trip. For the first time, I carried on my luggage instead of checking it.

Originally there were five of us travelling to the Disney Marathon. We met up with another runner that Toni knew and she ended up spending the weekend with us as well. It’s A Small World After All… (hey, I went on that ride).

On Saturday, Laura and I went to Magic Kingdom. Disney has wonderful customer service! In 1989 Laura’s family went to Disney. They purchased park hopper passes that were good for 4 days for $96 per ticket. Each of their five tickets had two days left on them, and had no expiration date. Laura’s dad saved the tickets for the past 19 years. Disney honored them! I asked them people at customer service about this and they said that they still honor tickets from when the park first opened in 1971! Thank-you Laura and Laura’s dad! The customer service agent said that we saved $200 apiece.

I enjoyed going to Magic Kingdom. It brought back a lot of childhood memories. My family and I went there many times when I was growing up. A lot of the things at Magic Kingdom were still the same as I remembered. I look forward to taking my future children there. Every person at the park was happy. The staff was extremely friendly. They recognize that people save their money all year (or longer) so that they can go to Disney.

Laura and I rode some of my childhood favorite rides – The Teacups, It’s A Small World, The Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.

It is good to be a kid again…




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