Back in the Saddle

7 01 2008

I have been attempting to live a healthier lifestyle since January 1st (diet, for those of you who frown on semantics). I was quite successful until the 3rd or 4th of the month. The downfall started with the post-gym trip to Buffalo Wild Wings, where my husband and I shared a grilled chicken salad and an order of boneless wings. Admittedly, that meal wasn’t too bad, but I didn’t know how many calories were in it and I therefore couldn’t accurately use my fitday software, which threw me into a tailspin and started the weekend of bad eating. I was able to gain back three of the six pounds I have lost since Christmas, in a matter of hours.

Or, let’s use the optimistic perspective… I’ve lost three pounds since Christmas! Fantastic, fabulous, terrific, go Team [Insert My Name Here].

On the topic of the obesity epidemic, I caught a riviting show called I Eat 33,000 Calories a Day on The Learning Channel the other day. There were people on this show that weighed so much they were housebound or even worse, bedbound. Yet, they were still able to eat that many calories every day, because someone living with them was giving them that much food. Not only feeding them, but taking care of their bathroom related needs, as they were too large to use the toilet.

I don’t get it. If my husband weighed 700 pounds and hadn’t left our bed in six years, I would be giving him delicious foods like Fiber One and fruits and vegetables.

The creators of the show reproduced tables full of the food that these people eat in one day. Strangely, it was all beige. There was no color on the table. There is a lot to be said about eating colorful foods – those are likely the healthy ones (except for the Cheetos)!




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8 01 2008

What’s that saying in “You: On A Diet?” Make an authorized U-turn?
I’ve been weighing myself everyday this week and, everyday, without fail, I’ve weighed more than the day before!!!! UGHHHHHHH!!
It’s so frustrating.

8 01 2008

I used to work at a place where we had the Otis Spunkmeyer set-up. You order the cookie dough and it comes frozen and we had a little oven and we’d use the cookies for marketing. Well, we were supposed to use the cookies for marketing. It finally got so bad for all of us that we took the scale out of the bathroom and put it infront of the cookie oven. That was some motivation…heartbreaking motivation.

8 01 2008
Most Prepossessing

Jennifer – I watched a show the other day called The Science of Obesity (not that I am suggesting that you are obese) on Nat Geo. It said that everyone’s body has a weight that it will gravitate to if they stop dieting. Mine must be about 300! Maybe your body is headed in the direction of 110.

Trysha – I should carry the scale around with me all day. Today I had most of a medium bag of peanut butter m and ms. The rest I threw into a dumpster.

8 01 2008

But honey, Peanut Butter has protein, therefore you were not eating Peanut Butter M&M’s, you were eating Protein M&M’s.

No? I didn’t think so, but it was worth a shot.

8 01 2008
Most Prepossessing

Yes, protein filled m and ms. Perhaps I should buy more. I never eat enough protein. I can feel my hair growing more lusterous and my nails growing stronger by the minute… Thanks Trysha.

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