#2 – Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky

6 01 2008

I’ve scratched the first book off of my list of books for the 2008 To-Be-Read Challenge (and while doing so, learned the html code for strikethoughs). Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky was a good fast-paced read.

The book opens with the birth of a child. A Caucasian couple is surprised at the birth of their African-American child. Did she cheat? Did one of the parents have an unknown African-American ancestor? To find out, read the book.

The premise of this book really made me think about what can lay hidden in your genetics. For example, I have a very different hair color from the rest of my family, but I am not adopted. My brother is much taller than anyone else in my family, but I remember when he was born and he looks very much like our father.

I think it is safe to assume that most men would jump to the conclusion that their wife had cheated if their newborn child appeared to be of a different race than either of the parents. Most of their friends and family would assume the same, although recessive genes turn up in many children and make them look differently from their parents (hair color and height, for example).

Family Tree was the kind of book that you want to spend a day with. Once you start reading, you will become compelled to solve the mystery of how Lizzie came to look so different from her parents – and you will be surprised at the answer.




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6 01 2008

Sounds interesting!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

6 01 2008

I just started “The Zookeeper’s Wife” by Diane Ackerman. It’s the story of two people in Warsaw that save 300 people – Jews and Resistance Fighters – from the Nazis by hiding them within the zoo. Could be something your book club might enjoy.

7 01 2008

I’m the only one in my family with blue eyes…hmmm

I love Barbara Delinsky. I think this may be one of only a couple of her books I have not read yet. Add another to my To-Be-Read list!

7 01 2008

I almost bought this at Border’s the other night… darn, I wish I would have. I finished “The Abortionist’s Daughter” yesterday and enjoyed it. Fast read. I’m also reading “What is the What?” by Dave Eggers and it’s good, but a slower read.

8 01 2008
Most Prepossessing

Jennifer – You can borrow the book if you want, like a lending library. What do you have that is good.

Iceel – I really enjoy reading books about the Holocaust. I will put that on my list.

Katie – You can also borrow the book. You mentioned you like audio books, Barbara Delinsky’s are usually on audio and for some reason extra enjoyable to listen too. I miss audio books!

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