5 01 2008

First things first, I now have 20/15 vision! I am so glad that I got LASIK. There is much joy in waking up and being able to see the alarm clock, to be certain that you are reading the road sign correctly, to not have to hold a book just a few inches from my face.

My book club meeting was last night. It was, as always, great fun. I truly enjoy getting together with a group of intelligent women each month. This month’s book was Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. It was great book club fodder. Foot binding leaves almost endless possibilities for conversation. A few of our members were sorely missed (Come back, if you’re reading this).

Next month’s book will be Crazy Aunt Purl’s Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair by Laurie Perry. Interestingly, Perry got a book deal due to her blog. I’m sure that fact will interest the bloggers who attend our club meeting.

On a personal note, I started a book today that I really like so far. It is Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky. This was one of the books that I listed on my 2008 To-Be-Read Challenge. The book opens with a Caucasian couple giving birth to an African-American child. Did she cheat or were there some dormant genes in one of their backgrounds? I am dying to find out. I am about 1/2 through and I am sure that I will finish it this weekend and probably review tomorrow.

My friend writes for a local publication called numero. January’s issue focused on the topic of signs. Several months ago, my friend, L, asked me if I have ever had a sign from God. I jokingly replied that bullets hitting my house were definitely a sign to move. Here is the start of her article:

My friend (Insert my name here) recently moved into a new house.

She decided to leave her old one located in a less-than-pristine neighborhood after someone shot off a gun in front of her home. Stray bullets hit the outside of her house, inches away from where her husband was watching television. (Insert my name here) says this was a sign that she should move.

As far as signs go, that one was the equivalent to a neon billboard pounded into her front lawn. Stray bullets don’t leave much room for subtly or symbolism.

If you would like to read the rest of her riveting story, pick up January’s issue of numero.

Tonight I am going with the same friend to do research for her next story at a comedy club. I am quite looking forward to it.




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6 01 2008

I’m so excited for you!! I’m glad everything went great.
I can’t wait to hear your book reviews. I picked up AJ Jacobs book and I’m really looking forward to reading it.

6 01 2008

I’m glad to hear you love your LASIK – my husband wants me to get it but it’s one of my biggest fears (I have an eye phobia). I live vicariously through people like you 😉


6 01 2008
Most Prepossessing

Trysha – I hope you love that book as much as I did!

Bibliolatrist – The vicodin they give you before the surgery really helps with the nervousness.

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