Doctor’s orders…

4 01 2008

I am going to keep this one short, because I am not supposed to stare at computers, tv, or books tonight for more than a few minutes at a time.

The surgery wen great! I can see better that I ever could with contacts or glasses! I have to go back tomorrow to be checked and then I will be able to drive and read again.




3 responses

4 01 2008
My Flock Rocks!

Yeah! Congrats! Isn’t it amazing? I’d do anything to get my eyesight back but unfortunately there isn’t any surgery that can reverse it…Enjoy no more glasses and contact lenses!

5 01 2008
The Country Contessa

I’ve been debating on getting that for the last few years. It would be so nice not to have to hassle with contacts and glasses anymore. Enjoy that freedom!

6 01 2008
Most Prepossessing

It is so nice to not have to wear contacts or glasses and if you consider the amount of money you spend on contacts, glasses and eye dr appointments, it will pay for itself in a few years!

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