A Weekend in the Life Of…

30 12 2007

This has been a busy weekend in a busy life…

Friday my husband and I met some friends at Gold’s Gym after work. I spent some time on the elliptical trainer.

Later that evening, my friend, R, came over to make quesadillas on the quesadilla maker my parents bought us for Christmas. When I opened it, I found it to be a strange gift (as I am famous for my food weirdness and dislike of anything spicy). But, I really enjoyed my bean and cheese quesadilla.

Then, R and I, watched the movie Georgia Rule (This goes to show that I really need to put some more movies on my Netflix list. How did that ever get to the top?). I would not recommend anyone rent this movie. The premise is that Lindsey Lohan’s character can’t get along with her mother (played by Felicity Huffman) so she goes to live with her grandmother (Jane Fonda). I never before realized what a bad actress Lindsey Lohan is. Her lines were not well delivered at all and seemed forced. Anyway, it was not entirely Lindsey that made the movie bad, there is also the matter of the script. First she said her step-father molested her, then she said he didn’t, then he did, wait, he didn’t, yes, he did. The film was slightly inappropriate for Lohan’s target audience (tweens and teens). A parent could use the movie as a lesson to encourage children to tell an adult if someone is hurting them, but Lohan’s character does a lot of slutty things in the movie.

Before I met my husband, R was one of my roommates. One thing we enjoyed doing together was renting bad movies and making fun of them. So in a way, Georgia Rule was right up our alley. Watching it brought back some good memories.

After R left, I made a tired dash to Border’s to purchase the book I couldn’t live without – The Year of Living Biblically – One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible by A.J. Jacobs. This link will tell you more about the rules the author followed during his year. Thus far, the book is absolutely hilarious and I sincerely recommend the purchase.

On to Saturday…

My husband and I dropped one of our cars off at the dealership to get some brake-work done (new pads, etc…).

Then we took one of the cats to the vet to get his yearly vaccines. We got what seemed like a canned speech from the vet about watching the cat for bad vaccine reactions. I wonder if it is now standard operating procedure to warn clients about reactions because of what happened to our other cat earlier this year.

Came home and went to Gold’s Gym to try out BodyCombat class. Some friends talked us into doing us. I am notoriously uncoordinated, so I didn’t think it would be a good idea. After about 8 minutes of the class, I knew I was right and exited the class. My husband told another couple that we were going to do this class, so I came out to find them on the treadmills facing the class, watching and laughing. Some friends… I ran on the treadmill for a few minutes and then used the elliptical trainer and Treadclimber for a while.

I changed into some non-smelly clothes and we went to pick up the car. Then I drove to Taco John’s and got two chicken tacos for lunch (sadly, my diet doesn’t allow potato oles anymore – and a chicken taco is only 190 calories) before my manicure appointment.

Returning home, I found a message on my answering machine that my prescription was ready at the pharmacy (after my Lasik eye surgery on Friday, I will have to take two Ambien and sleep for 7-8 hours. Sleeping is what helps the eye heal. When I wake up, I should be about to see better than 20/20!). I picked up the prescription and headed to the mall to meet my friend, J.

As a reward for achieving a week of healthy living, I had made an appointment to get a makeover at the Clinique counter at Bergner’s (I have a list of inexpensive weekly rewards made up to motivate myself). I have to get all new eye makeup to use after the Lasik surgery, to ensure that what I use is lacking in bacteria, so I killed two birds with one stone.

Then J and I went to Red Lobster, where I ran into a childhood neighbor. I haven’t seen him since I was in junior high. I didn’t recognize him until he approached me, instead I thought he was staring at me for no reason. I haven’t determined if it is nice or sad that at the age of 30, I apparently look very similar to the way I looked at 12.

I returned home and watched two episodes of the ‘Big Love’ DVD that I have out from Netflix with my husband. For some reason, watching the polygamist lifestyle of Bill Henrickson and his three wives is like watching a train wreck. I simply can’t stop, even when my husband says it is horrible and goes upstairs to listen to bad metal music.

Now it is Sunday and very little is on the agenda. An RPM class later this afternoon and a trip to Panera with friends afterwards.

I guess the whole point of this post is to find out, are other people this busy? A lot of it is my own creation – time with friends, trips to the gym, etc… But, I really think those things are important for my emotional well-being.




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