Devil In The Details…

29 12 2007

Hearing a story on “Good Morning America Radio” yesterday about a Louisiana town getting rid of their 666 telephone exchange on January 2, reminded me of a strange thing that happened to me in the workplace.

All of the vehicles in the fleet are numbered. The vehicle regularly assigned to one of my employees broke down. I handed him the keys for 12345666, which was not being used that day. He threw them to the ground like they had burned his hand, and told me that he was not driving the devil machine. He admonished me with quotes from the Bible stating that 666 was the mark of the beast. Mind you, this employee is a hard-living alcoholic, not someone I would have pegged as very religious. I gave him another vehicle and went into another room to laugh and laugh.

I have never understood how numbers or words could be offensive. I don’t curse (much) because I think that it makes me sound uneducated and like to use more descriptive words when letting loose or describing someone that has irritated me in some way. But I don’t care if someone drops the f-bomb around me. I don’t care if someone takes the Lord’s name in vain, but since I am very non-religious, “God damn-it” is tantamount to “Santa damn-it”.

How can 666 really be the mark of the beast? Why is there no 13th floor in some large buildings? It all seems so silly and superstitious to me. A black cat crosses my path many times each day and I am still here to tell about it. I have broken mirrors and even walked under a ladder a time or to, but drive 12345666, never! Hellfire and damnation would rain down upon me and all of the other drivers in the quaint town in which I work.




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