Glutton for Punishment

26 12 2007

Today I tried a new machine at the gym- the TreadClimber. Although it may look like a normal piece of workout equipment, it delivers a little bit more punishment than your normal treadmill, elliptical trainer or stair climber. I REALLY wanted to stop after 20 minutes, but I kept on keeping on. At 30 minutes, I was covered in sweat and done. The heart rate monitor tracked my heart rate steadily around 160!

This combined with a 62 minute RPM class earlier this week, make me ask myself WHY? Why do I live such a gluttonous life, that it becomes necessary to partake in such inhumane torture?

Like Katie, I am trying to start one of my Resolutions early. Yeah, yeah, I’ve said it all before. Maybe this time it will stick. I have lots of weight to loose (again). I need to stop stress eating. Today I engaged in some “primal scream” therapy on my way home from work, which seemed to help. Perhaps I will exchange screaming and sweating for mall pretzels and Coldstone Creamery.

Ta ta for now, fair readers. I am off to partake in some exciting evening activities such as trying to trick my husband into watching Georgia Rule (not likely to happen) which arrived via Netflix today or reading The Abortionist’s Daughter (which kept me up way past my bedtime last night).




One response

27 12 2007

Wow, you are an exercise mad person… that’s so great, that you are motivated…

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