And to all a Good Night…

25 12 2007

This year, I have heard a lot of emphasis put on remembering the reason for Christmas. Non-Christians should not say “Merry Christmas”, they should say “Happy Holidays”, as Christ needs to be kept in Christmas. This is PC to an overwhelming degree.

In a few minutes I will leave to celebrate my secular Christmas with my secular family. We will exchange gifts, which will remind us of how much we care for each other. These gifts will be under the Christmas Tree that my family lovingly decorates each year. It is nice to see ornaments that my brother and I made as children resurrected each year. We will share a meal and catch up on each other’s lives and share in the happy holiday spirit.

If anything, this time of year helps to ground us to our roots and remind us how much we care about our families and friends. We make time for each other during the holiday season. Throughout the rest of the year we may get caught up in our own lives and the lines of communication get rusty. Time goes by so quickly and we don’t keep in touch as much as we should.

I love to exchange holiday cards, especially those with holiday letters in them. It is interesting to see how one sums up a year in their life in less than a page.

If we non-religious persons are to no utter the word “Christmas” then what shall we name the tree? The gift tree? The Santa tree? Perhaps we should scrap it all and erect a Festivus pole next year. Instead of sharing good tidings with each other, we can remind others how they have disappointed us throughout the year. I’m sure everyone would scramble to attend and air their list of grievances against the rest of the family.

Merry Christmas! May Your Eid be Enticing! Happy Hanukkah! Have a Killer Kwanzaa! Happy Holidays to all!




One response

25 12 2007

I agree with you, Names!

I truly believe that this season needs to have more to do with getting back to your roots and what means most to you in your life.

For some families religion is a huge part of their family. So put ‘Christ’ back into Christmas and cherish all that it means to you and yours. Just be sure you do it together.

For some families religion is not part of their family. So put your loved ones as your main focus and do something special for them. Just be together.

Either way, I think that is the true meaning of the season. Both sides are truly doing the same thing. Just give of yourself to those that make your life so full and wonderful.

Have a fantastic Christmas!!

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