Same As It Ever Was

19 12 2007

I have a myspace account that I don’t use much. Recently someone I was good friends with in high school sent me a friend request. I accepted. Now I remember why we stopped being friends.

She messaged me something like “What’s up girl!? How are you? Where do you live now? What have you been doing?”

I responded that I got married last year, that my husband and I moved to a new town about six months ago, that we have four cats and no children, that my husband is very nice, told her where we both work at and a basic job description and that we had just returned from a nice vacation. Then I asked questions about her life and said I hoped things were going well for her too.

Pretty boring stuff, huh? Her response was “MUST BE NICE”.

I had forgotten what a weirdly jealous person she is. I guess her life is not going as well as mine.

I removed her from my list of myspace friends.




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