Someone Saved My Life Tonight

15 12 2007

About two weeks ago, one of my employees called me on the phone and asked for the phone number for the employee assistance program offered by our company. I gave her the number. Approximately an hour later, she showed up at my desk crying. I was confused about her presence, as she was supposed to be working off site for the next few hours.

She told me that she needed to talk to me and we went into a private area. She was sobbing and said that she was having a hard time dealing with her life. She made a comment along the lines of “I won’t be around much longer” and left the room. I followed her and begged her to stay. I offered to drive her anywhere she wanted to go. She left, I could not make her stay.

Extremely worried, I called the pastor of her church, who phoned an ambulance when he was unable to reach her. The EMTs arrived at her home to find that she had taken a lot of pills. She was in the hospital for several days.

When she returned to work, she thanked me for saving her life. The conversation made my spine tingle. I did a good thing…

But… I almost didn’t do it. Throughout the years that I have worked at this company, this has been my most trying employee. Everything is complicated with her; there’s always a problem. She has bled the well dry.

I didn’t know if this was an honest cry for help or a rouse to get out of working in the cold weather. I am so glad that I took it seriously. Although she is difficult to manage, she seems like a very nice person.

Hopefully going through this situation has allowed her to get the help she truly needs.




2 responses

16 12 2007

Kudos to you! You did a wonderful thing. Way to follow your gut!

16 12 2007
My Flock Rocks!

I just had a friend take his own life…I didn’t even know he had issues of depression because everytime we talked to him he seemed happy! I wish I would have known…

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