Life Goals Revisited

9 12 2007

I started this list in January 2007. It has had things changed, added and deleted. Here is an update…

1. Run a marathon – I trained to run a marathon and then ended up with plantar fasciitis and a heel spur. No plans to return to running until these completely heal.

2. Go to Italy – planning for April/May 2008.

3. Visit every National Park in the United States – This will likely take a lifetime. There are 57 National Parks. I have seen 7 so far –

Shenandoah – with my husband earlier this year. It was foggy and overcast. We couldn’t see the amazing vistas promised, so we really need to go back to get the full experience.
Mesa Verde, Black Canyon of the Gunnison and Rocky Mountain – in 2004 with my then-fiance’ now husband on one of the best vacations I’ve had in my lifetime.
Haleakala and Hawaii Volcanoes on our honeymoon in August 2006. It was amazing – we rode bikes from the summit of Haleakala and hiked to see lava flowing into the ocean at Hawaii Volcanoes.
Joshua Tree with my friend Jennifer when I visited her in California in 2005. It was a very diverse park with desert and mountain terrain.
In September 2007, my husband and I took a trip to Death Valley National Park, Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park and Yosemite. We enjoyed all three of these parks.
In November 2007, my husband and I went to the US Virgin Islands National Park. The water and beaches were amazing.

4. Scuba Dive – My husband and I took lessons in February/March 2007 and got certified in Bull Shoals, AR in August 2007. We SCUBA dived in the USVI in November 2007.

5. Crochet a blanket – took crocheting lessons earlier this year. I completed a shawl and a purse. I am halfway through a blanket. It is a fun hobby that I think that I will have for the rest of my life, even if I am not always actively working on something.

6. Wear a bikini in public (once) – Giant scar (from gall bladder removal) and all – I will do this someday. I just need to work on my weight issue…

7. Own the house we currently live in free and clear by the time we are both 40 (in 2017).

8. Be married to C for 50 or more years.

9. travel in a hot air balloon

10. shoot a gun

11. learn how to ride a horse/mule

12. get my MBA

13. learn how to drive a standard-shift car

14. write fiction – I don’t want to get published or anything, but I loved to write when I was younger. I even took some creative writing classes in college.

15 . have an extremely small role in a local theater production. I love to go to plays. I think that it would be a great bonding experience take part in a local production.

16. learn to cook – I am working on that one.

17. learn to speak another language semi-fluently – perhaps Italian? – If we do go to Italy in 2008, I will definitely start working on this one.




One response

9 12 2007

I’m “in” on visiting every Nat. Park. I think that’s a great idea! With 50 more Nat. Parks to see we better get going… fast. I looked at a list of the parks and I’ve been to 9 so far.

Badlands NP – SD
Biscayne NP – FL
Everglades NP – FL
Grand Canyon NP – AZ
Great Smoky Mountain NP – TN/NC
Hawaii Volcanoes NP – HI (we just went there this Sept.)
Mammoth Cave NP – KY
Rocky Mountain NP – CO
Shenandoah NP – VA

Next summer we’re going on a road trip from Peoria to Phoenix AZ. We’re taking the southern route there and a northern route home. Hopefully we can see a few NPs along the way.

Welcome Home!


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