Keeping The Christ in Christmas

8 12 2007

Last night my husband and I attended a Christmas party for employees of his company. It was held at a fancy hotel. We had the kind of evening one could expect to have at a company Christmas party.

The evening started out with a long prayer. C and I both kept our heads up and eyes open the whole time. It is interesting to see how many other people are looking around when they aren’t supposed to be. It made me feel very uncomfortable that this was occurring. Several times the speaker stated that we should remember that Jesus is the true reason for the season and that this year would should “Keep the Christ in Christmas”.

We proceeded to eat our dinner and have un-scintillating filler conversation with people that I don’t know very well.

When the dinner was over the company president gave a speech. He also focused on “Keeping the Christ in Christmas”.

This is a mid-sized company with several hundred employees. It boggles the mind that they would think it is appropriate. Although the person who recited the prayer and the president of the company may have been practicing Christians, they didn’t know what the religions of the people in their audience may be. How many were Muslims, Jewish, Atheists?

I overheard some people talking about how they were brave to do that. They were also talking about how they were glad it was called a “Christmas” party instead of a “holiday” party.

I don’t find the phrase “Merry Christmas” to be offensive. I just don’t want to be forced to take part in prayer as part of a work-related event. This is a company that manufactures buildings, not a church.

My idea of Christmas is to spend time with my family and friends, to let people who I have grown apart from know that I am thinking about them by sending them a card. And, purchasing a 7-foot tall tree for my cats to climb in – decorating it only with pet friendly items.




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8 12 2007

Hello? Where am I? Everything looks so different… Is this the “O” “Z”?

9 12 2007
Secret Server

Hi, L____! I was thinking about the looking around during prayer just the other night. At big E’s madrigal performance there was a prayer (at a public school! But I guess it was part of the performance?) I was looking around, noticing some other people looking around. (My MO is to be silent and respectful, but not feel obligated to bow head or close eyes.) I was wondering if that is an appropriate conversation starter. “hey, when I wasn’t praying, I noticed you weren’t praying! Are you a fellow atheist?”

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