The Great ToeNail Painting Candy Cessation

4 11 2007

On our most recent vacation my husband commented that he thought that I ate too much sugar, especially candy. He said that he thought I was eating candy in the afternoon, riding the sugar high and then crashing.

We made a wager. If I didn’t eat any candy for 21 days he would paint my toenails (and behave as if it was something he would be pleased to do).

The one and only time my husband painted my toenails previously was when we were going to an event that I was wearing open-toed shoes to. My nails had grown out and did not look nice. He said I should paint them. Not a good idea – since my toenail painting method involves getting polish all over my feet and waiting for it to come off over the next few days. I talked him into doing it for me. The whole time he was performing the task, he had a look on his face similar to how I would imagine he would look if he had to clean vomit up off of the floor.

My husband must have realized what he had gotten himself into, since on the first day of the candy cessation, he purchased a package of Sprees (one of my favorite vices) just for me while we waited for the fabled Allegiant flight. I did not eat them. Sneaky bastard.

Three full weeks passed without candy. There were several temptations – but I was able to overcome. I was not going to lose the bet.

And in the end I realized, he was right, I was depending on the sugar high to get me through the afternoon when I hadn’t gotten enough sleep. Now I’m back to my regular caffeine addiction (diet soda – which isn’t great for you in and of itself). Two more weeks have passed and I’ve only had candy once – a majority of a Halloween bag of Tootsie Rolls.

He hasn’t painted my toenails yet. I haven’t asked. I am waiting until closer until the time we leave for the Virgin Islands. But, perhaps part of me thinks it would be mean to actually make him do it. I know he will without complaining, but I’m pretty sure that deep down inside he won’t like it…




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