1 11 2007

I had a conversation that saddened me today. A professional acquaintance, who is obviously gay (she has not told me this, but the bumper stickers on her car, her appearance and demeanor tell the tale) was telling me about her recent move. She mentioned her “roommate” several times. The context of the story revealed that they are much more than that.

I couldn’t bear having to refer to the person I love the most in the world as my roommate – if it weren’t socially acceptable to call my love my love. I couldn’t bear having to downplay my relationship with my husband because of what other people might think.

I am a very outspoken person. I believe in telling the truth and calling things by their true name.

A close family friend lived with a “roommate” for many years. I thought that they were a couple and when I suggested it everyone acted very shocked. About five years ago they made their love public and have went on to have two children together. They are a happy family. I hope my work acquaintance leads a happy life and isn’t afraid to reveal her true self to people outside of the workplace.

I just finished reading a book from the TBR (To Be Read Pile). It was called Lost and Found written by Carolyn Parkhurst. This was a good light fast read – for me 7 out of 10, perhaps those who enjoy reality television would rate it even higher than that. It is about a group of people that are on a reality game show similar to “The Amazing Race.”

One of the couples on the show are “recovering” homosexuals. They joined a church who led them back to heterosexuality and got married to each other in a traditional dual gender ceremony. I have previously heard of people doing this. It didn’t work out for the people in the book. I wonder how many people are able to change their lives in that way. How often do they look back and regret suppressing their true selves?




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