Notes from a Marathon Observer

21 10 2007

My good friend ran the Indianapolis marathon yesterday. She accomplished this great feat as an aid to raise money for Pick’s disease research, which is a cause she cares deeply about. I am so proud of her. She trained for a very long time and truly deserved to finish.

This was the marathon that I planned to run before my foot injury occurred. I started the marathon off with her and ran between six and seven miles yesterday. I quit when my foot starting making itself known to me. Amazingly, although the rest of my body aches, my foot doesn’t hurt at all! Hopefully I am cured, and will be able to complete the Disney Marathon in January. If not, I am sure I will have a great time at Disney with the girls.

After I ran I spent time watching the runners finish. It was so inspirational to watch the runners complete what they had trained so long to do. It made me realize that we can do anything we put our minds to. Running long distance is so much “mind over matter”. It is all about the need to finish what has been started.

The finish-line was the same for both the half-marathon and the marathon. I saw the winner of the marathon finish with a time of 2:34:00. Others will still finishing the half-marathon at that time. 2:34:00 would have been a great half-marathon time for me. That is why I can only compare myself to myself and not to other runners.

Most of the people finishing the marathon looked like they were in extreme pain, except for one woman who was yelling and making train noises at mile 25, while her friend looked as if she was about ready to keel over at any time. If the train lady was my running partner… I had the opportunity to talk to an older gentleman who had just finished the half marathon. He said that it was the hardest thing he had ever done in his life, but it was his greatest accomplishment.

I hope that in January I will be able to cross completing a marathon off of my list of life goals.




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