The Pee Hugger (Or a tribute to Al)

16 10 2007

When I was younger I had two roommates – Rick and Alison. Any reason to party was a good one and we had several creatively themed parties. The best party ever was The White Trash Party. There was a spam casserole and door prizes for the most creatively dressed. I wore a white sweater, very loose knit with very big holes and I had a leopard print bra underneath, a blue denim cowboy hat, bright red lipstick and frosted blue eyeshadow. Mind you, these were in my very skinny days. I went to CampusTown Liquors dressed like this (was I nuts?!!)

Another great party was the luau. This occurred at the end of that era and the beginning of my relationship with my husband. We had a baby pool, a blow up totem pole and a keg of beer. My future husband and I got drunk and retired early, but the party went on and on.

Someone peed in the baby pool. A guy was drunk enough that he swam in the pee-water. Then at the encouragement of my roommate, Alison and our good friend Jami (Hambone), he came into my bedroom at 3:00 a.m. to give Craig and I a pee-hug. Neither of us hugged him. Neither of us punched him.

This was relatively early on in the relationship. I am so glad that he stuck around!




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