Read this book!

15 10 2007

I picked this book up at a Borders in California, so that I would have something to read on the trip home (and my loyal readers who have read my post about Allegiant airlines, you won’t be surprised to realize that I read the entire 496 page book between the time I arrived at the Las Vegas airport and landed at the Peoria airport!)
The author’s writing style is reminiscent of Tom Wolfe, who has written some of my absolutely favorite books.
I had contemplated purchasing this book several times at my local Borders, but the September 11th element turned me off. Now, I regret not reading it sooner. It is one of the best books that I have read in a long time. It wasn’t a “fast read” as far as being written with simple language, but I did read it quickly because it was so engrossing.
I wish I would have had the foresight to save this to be a book club choice. I don’t like to read any book more than once (unless a long time goes by). I would recommend this book to anyone or any book club. There are a lot of elements that warrant discussion.
I guess America is finally ready to read fiction about and watch movies based around the events of September 11th. Post-September 11th is a theme in the book, but it doesn’t enter in until later on and the author does a great job of relaying how her characters reacted to the event, one in a confusing and shocking manner.
Please someone I know read this book, so we can discuss the intriguing, idealistic Bootie Tubb!



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