10 09 2007

I thought that the art of the prank had died with the advent of caller i.d. But there are still some brave young souls out there willing to to randomly dial in the middle of the night. Admittedly, mine were not artistic pranksters. The first call at 2:12 a.m. was simply a hang up. The next call at 2:13 consisted of saying “hello” in a gravelly voice and then hanging up. Who knows what they would have come up with next. Unfortunately, I had to take the phone off the hook as I get up at 3:45 on Saturdays.

It had to be kids, who stumbled upon our phone number. We just moved here in May and our phone number is not widely known. Let me rephrase that, we’re just not that popular, we don’t get many calls.

I thought it would be funny to call them back at about 7 a.m. and do the same thing to them, but when I pushed *69 before leaving for work at 4:15, it said that the number was private and asked if I would like it to dial the number for me. I declined. I didn’t want to wake somebody’s parents up.

This is the first time I can remember being pranked as an adult. But when I was younger, my friend Kristy and I were quite the pranksters. Randomly dialing numbers to ask things like “Is your refrigerator running?” and “Do you have Olive Oil in a Jar?” In the 8th grade, a police officer visited both of our homes to tell us to stop with the pranking. We had been pranking a certain boys house many times a day.

If there was such a thing as karma, I would never sleep through the night!




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