The Stuff That Nightmares are Made From

27 08 2007

Don’t let the title fool you, we had an overall great time on the SCUBA trip.

There were 11 people on the trip. I knew two of them (myself and my husband). There were two other men around our age (30) and 7 men in the 50+ range. Demographically daunting for me at first, but everyone was very nice. They all had a story to tell and I was interested to hear them all…

When we were first travelling to Bull Shoals, I was a bit apprehensive. The dive instructor was reading Harry Potter 7. Another person saw this and commented on how he would never buy an HP book because he saw JK Rowling on Larry King and she made some disturbing comments during the interview. He quoted her as saying that she donates 10% of her earnings to the Church of Satan and that all of the spells in her book were real spells with one or two words changed. I don’t know how I kept my mouth shut, but I managed to do so. Surprisingly as the weekend wore on this person turned out to be rather intelligent, which makes the above HP comments even more disturbing. I did a quick Google search for the comment and found nothing even close…

Anyway, we are now certified Open Water SCUBA divers, meaning we can now go SCUBA diving without an instructor anywhere in the world, up to 60 feet deep. We are going to be planning a trip to the FL Keys at the end of November…

All 11 of us stayed on a 50-foot long house boat. This was way out of my comfort zone. It was very cramped and extremely lacking in the commodity of privacy. After the first day I got used to it and had a good time. I went to bed with my ipod a little early each night and vegged out listening to some audio books.

We went night diving last night. This entails going SCUBA diving in the dark using an underwater flashlight. It made the terrain look extremely creepy. There was an underwater forest there. The humongous Bull Shoals lake was created by the implementation of a dam. The trees had no leaves and the limbs were covered in algae. It looked like something straight out of The Nightmare Before Christmas. An unforgettable sight…




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