Tales From the Kitchen

23 08 2007

Flashback to May 2007. the blog author and her friend Jennifer are packing for the big move to suburbia. The blog author finds directions for stove and puts them in a safe place for the next owners of the house.

Three days later husband goes to cook chicken nuggets in said stove. Wife smells smoke and insists the house in on fire. Husband thinks that a piece of chicken fell into the bowels of the stove and will soon extinguish itself as it burns to a crisp. The house starts to fill with smoke and the fire alarm goes off.

Husband further researches the situation as there is no apparent fire. He discovers a concoction of melting plastic and smoldering ashy paper.

Husband to Wife – “Did you put some papers in the stove?”
W to H – “No,”
H to W – “Are you sure?”
W to H – “Yes, why would I do that?”
H to W – “Somebody put some papers in the stove and they are on fire.”
W to H – “Maybe Jennifer did it. I don’t use the stove.”
H to W – “It’s the directions for the stove.”
W to H – “Oh. I put them in the storage drawer for the people that buy our house. It would be good for them to have the directions. Maybe Jennifer moved them.”
H to W – “That’s the broiler. You cook things in there.”
W to H – “Oh.”

I am a domestic goddess. What a lucky man. Good thing he can cook his own nuggets!




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