Fox Trotting at a Family Friendly Gay Bar

21 08 2007

Prior to our wedding, my husband and I took dance lessons at the Universalist Unitarian Church. Two couples that we are friends with also partook in the fun.

This was important because one is expected to dance at their wedding.

Being an extremely uncoordinated person, I was bad – extremely bad. I got lots of attention from the teachers during the three lessons we attended. It saddened me to see my husband paired up with other partners and cutting a rug while I danced with the male instructor and got nowhere.

After a few weeks of lessons and living room practice, I “mastered” the fox trot (read: got the box step down).

One weekend we decided that it would be a grand time to go out dancing with the aforementioned other couples. And it was. Mind you we couldn’t find a dance floor in the downtown Peoria area that was large and uncrowded enough for trotting ministrations. We went several places. Finally we tried a gay bar called Diesel. They had a dance floor and a seating area nearby with a giant shoe.

We trotted our hearts out on that dance floor (trotted as well as once can to techno music). The other patrons seemed to be not only accepting of us, but intrigued by us. I offered to teach them to trot, but there were no takers…

That was a memorable night, I want to do it again… Any takers?




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