The Great Debate Rages On and On….

5 08 2007

My husband and I are avowed atheists. You wouldn’t know it if you saw us… You’d just think we were another young thirty something couple. The mark of the beast hasn’t shown up on my forehead yet (I just checked the bathroom mirror to be sure I wasn’t lying).

I have had a lot of raucous religious debates with people. Most believers seem to think that if you don’t believe in God that you don’t know the difference between right and wrong. If you don’t believe in God there is no reason to do good things.

I don’t need fear of future punishment or the promise of life after death to be a good person. I believe in the golden rule and I always treat other people as I would want to be treated in the same situation.

My motivation is that I only have one life. This life is what I make it. I want to live the best life that I can, because I don’t have much hope for a do-over.

Once I read a survey in Time Magazine about how much the everyman trusts various groups of citizens. Atheists ranked lowest, right below people who have served time in prison! Wow, I am a member of the least trusted group of Americans!

Hopefully those results were skewed, because I guarantee that you are safer with me than you are with a rehabilitated rapist or murderer…




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